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Examinations are often expensive and obtaining the evidence by way of a written statement of the testimony, French, using audio recording of proceedings.

It will also outline what proof of ID they will need to see. The same considerations apply where a decision not to prosecute or to discontinue proceedings has been made.

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  • Check with Harvard Law Reference about access.
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  • No fee shall be paid to such reporter for copies.
  • Is it possible to meet a UKSC Justice in person?

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It will not be usual to disclose material until the proceedings have been completed. Any requests for a transcript for a Judgment will need to be approved by the Judge thereforeadditional time will be required before the transcript can be released.

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Judges are now using a script at the start of every hearing so they should already have reminded everyone that it is a criminal offence.

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The cost of trial transcripts can vary from court to court. In other cases, you will submit a request in writing to the clerk of the court where the hearing took place.

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Requests can be made in person or by mail.

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No evidence or documents in the wardship proceedings or information about wardship proceedings should be disclosed in the criminal proceedings without the prior leave of the wardship court.

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