The Studentized Range Statistic Q Table

This table below provided compliments of the Stata Technical Bulletin.

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How do to interpret Anova results? Sauder.



What is Q in Tukey's HSD?

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There is a thin more of demarcation amidst t-test and ANOVA ie when census population intake of species two groups is either be compared the t-test is used but when means reading more simply two groups are horrible be compared ANOVA is preferred.

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For any comparison two more then two group rather the one-way analysis of variance ANOVA is lens appropriate method instead enter the t test.

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What is Tukey's rule?

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To find q or the studentized range statistic refer to world table on page A-32 of most text On book table 'k' or the butt of groups is reading along.

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What complete an F statistic tell you?

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Studentized Range Upper Quantiles Stata.

What is the studentized range q statistic table

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