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As you probably know, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the US Congress yesterday to answer questions about things ranging from privacy and Cambridge Analytica, to Russian election meddling.


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  • Is Mark Zuckerberg in a Booster Seat During His Facebook Hearing?
  • The hearing is almost wrapped up.



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  • Life comes at you fast.
  • Facebook will soon employ to moderate content.
  • Outbrain: Waiting for consent.
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  • Zuckerberg almost said yes but stopped just short.



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  • Interesting: When Zuckerberg did a conference call with reporters last week, he actually did this same thing.

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  • Senate made the rounds online.

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  • NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden had something to add to that revelation.

Horoscope A He tried to act human, but his robotic and alien ways shone through.


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Cambridge Analytica assured Facebook the data had been deleted.


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Friday Is Concert Time At The Gazebo WorksheetPeters and Zuckerberg discuss artificial intelligence.

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14 Cartoons About Mark Zuckerberg Testimony Seat Meme That'll Brighten Your Day

Washington State Bar Association


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