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Patients can use digital dental medical history forms at dental clinics while waiting to be attended by dentists This can be used to include optional photos for.

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  • Health History Form ADA E-mail Today's Date American Dental Association wwwadaorg As required by law our office adheres to written policies and.
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  • Many medical history forms consist of a yes or no questionnaire.

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Which part of your mouth is sensitive to pressure?

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Disease could also be vital if a medical emergency occurs in the dental practice.

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Have you ever had gum disease?
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Some medications you take on a regular basis may impact your course of dental treatment.

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Positive answers relative to prolonged bleeding or bruising may identify a bleeding problem.

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Opportunity to discuss any queries with your dentist who will be happy to answer.

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  2. Do you feel you grind your teeth?
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Child HealthDental History Form ADA American Dental Association America's leading advocate for oral health Patient's Name LAST FIRST INITIAL.

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