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The 17 Most Misunderstood Facts About Resource Consent Application Auckland Council

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TIMEFRAMES AND UPDATESTimeframes for processing vary between councils, and the total time taken to issue the building consent will depend on the completeness and accuracy of the plans and documents, and the amount of further information requested.

And resource consent compliance at Regional Councils and Auckland. It has been exciting to see two new urban regeneration projects come to completion in Beach Haven and Ellerslie, Auckland over the past few months.

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Auckland Council also monitors productivity by office clerical staff member.

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  • Our surveyors have been busy on a number of large projects for Auckland Council.
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Geotech reports generally list the ultimate bearing capacity of the ground of each lot, presence of expansive clay, topsoil depths, any presence of uncertified fill requiring specific site investigation, and stability problems that may define area limits of any building platform.

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Costs vary per council by council.

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For the Project under the Auckland Unitary Plan Operative in Part 15. The Auckland Council resource consent planner should consider the CVA in their evaluation of the application The effectiveness of the CVA process for.

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We can help with your resource consent application and arboricultural. For level two and three roads, and level one or low volume roads where there are specific or difficult conditions, a higher level of TTM will be required.

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